EDI solution for small and enterprise Business

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  • Teledin moved to the new location - V Parku 2294/2, 148 00, Prague 4 - you can reach us on the phone +420 261 009 068 or on standard email addresses.

  • EDI symposium - On the 14. May 2015 at 9:00 in the congress center of the hotel Olympik, Praha 8, Sokolovsk├í 615/138, will be the 21. EDI symposium (FACT a eB) with the name Electronic communication in business relations esp. in e-invoicing and about the problem of so called "Audit trail".

  • Archiving of EDI invoices - At the last EDI symposium an interesting conclusion of the director of the ministry of interior has been stated. It was said that archiving of digital data for the period longer to 5 to 10 years was much more expensive by using electronic means to the paper form and the cost with the increasing time will be steadily increasing.

  • AutoGration and ┼ákoda Auto - The product AutoGration developed by ODETTE International for SMEs is ready to ensure the┬álogistic EDI communication with ┼ákoda Auto. TELEDIN can realize this communication with ┼ákoda Auto inclusive needed conversions into ODETTE messages.
  • TELEDIN will convert ISDOC protocol in order to invoice to Supply Chains' EDIFACT
  • TELEDIN offers an easy and low cost Data Interchange product OFTP2 Express for OFTP2 communication with ┼ákoda Auto
  • TELEDIN offers an EDI solution of electronic banking by the Service CCF
  • TELEDIN Services support EDI for OMV Slovakia and their suppliers
  • TELEDIN Services ensure EDI outsourcing for the Pivovary Staropramen (InBev family)
  • TELEDIN realises the selfbilling EDI invoicing for ┼ákoda Auto, also CAD message ENGDAT
  • EDI Services CCF can communicate with all important SCM chains incl. TESCO, MAKRO, BILLA, COOP etc., incl. e-invoicing also with electronic signature
  • TELEDIN supports a direct EDI connectivity to a lot of EU VAN networks incl. GXS, ENX, DINET and INDRA (former Azertia)
  • TELEDIN supports EDI connectivity to Ford via DINET VANs and runs the DINET CZ Services
  • TELEDIN has prepared EDI support with the OFTP2 protocol, by both the ODEX Enterprise systems and DINET CZ Services, also by the EDI protocol AS2
  • TELEDIN is preparing the czech version of the Darwin 3 module for the complex working up of Call-offs and further EDI documens in Automotive. The russian version is also under preparation in order to ensure the EDI connectivity to Ford



Teledin s. r. o.

V Parku 2294/2,
148 00 Praha 4

Tel. +420 261 009 068