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Teledin s. r. o.

is a very specialized software-house in solving e-solutions/EDI and security of it (i.e. electronic information exchange but strictly on valid international standards) and in the software development, logistics and communication with such e solutions/EDI connected. Know-how of the company bases mainly in computer communications on e-Commerce standards (EDIFACT, ODETTE, VDA, ebXML) and logistics. The basic system environments represent both UNIX (Linux) and Windows NT.

The company having been involved into the structure of Deutsche Post AG received not only better stability and development opportunities, but also an important extension of know-how. Besides development cooperation on concern projects connected with e-solutions/EDI and messaging the company on the Czech market delivers such solutions for banking, here mainly in the segment of electronic banking, automotive, retail and forwarding. The own products EdiLinx, EDI*BANK, EDI*AUTO and also top B2B solutions producers' products (e.g. SEEBURGER, Data Interchange, EDICOM), and servers from the WRDCLogsys® (former ISOCOR) represent the main stones of the professional communication B2B/EDI solution based on standards. Integrating the Secunet® and Concord-Eracom® certified security products (X.509/PKI based) the EDI solution can use the electronic signature and also the enciphering features, based again strictly on standards. This solution has been accepted by the Czech National Bank for EDI in banking and also by the Czech Ministry of Finance for additional areas. Teledin has a partnership with IBM / Lotus and Microsoft in the fields of Lotus NOTES, WebSphere and/or Microsoft BizTalk and offers E-solutions developed on the base of those products. When realizing an e-solution Teledin cooperates with many important software companies (esp. SAP - there has even been a cooperation in designing the R/3 E-banking interface with banks, ICL MAX, QaD/Minerva MFGPro, LCS Helios and others), which deliver information systems. In order to fulfil the needs of customers in the field of Net Services (esp. those WebEDI services).

Teledin's EDI servers and e-systems SUDS and COBS provide EDI between banks and the Czech National Bank and between ┼ákoda Auto or other big companies (─îEZ, ┼ákoFIN, Philip Morris, ..) and their financing banks (also in Germany). Teledin has developed in cooperation with ┼ákoda Auto, Komer─Źn├ş banka (Societe Generale Czech), HVB Bank and Commerzbank the standards for Corporate Banking solution, which became the national standards by accepting and issuing them by the Czech Normalization Institute. Both the banks ABN Amro and ─îSOB have also deeply influenced the solution. In the recent time Teledin has delivered a Bank Clearing solution to many named banks. The European Standards based e-solution for the Automotive Industry (Just-In-Time suppliers and also non-JIT suppliers of ┼ákoda Auto, also Ford, Audi/VW, DaimlerChrysler, Opel, BMW, etc.) the company has also realized. The company represents the automotive standardisation body ODETTE Czech in the Technology Commitee of ODETTE Europe. Recently Teledin is running as the e-service for suppliers the WebEDI Clearing Center for ┼ákoda Auto / VW (also for 1st level suppliers) in order to prevent any further FAX communication within logistics among them and the 2nd and/or 3rd level suppliers.

Teledin holds a state license for the public data communication services and provides and offers the Teledin Clearing Center Services (CCF) and also the DINET CZ Services of the Data Interchange Plc. Both the DINET CZ and CCF can realise the services of transacting, converting and working up of data which doesn't depend on any commodity. The VAN operator services with the international connectivity (covering both the EDIFACT/X435 standard on the X400 network and ebXML new standard on Internet) represent the basis of all presented services. CCF represents a lot of attractive services from WebEDI services to e-systems implementations in order to integrate them with the customer's IS, esp. the SAP IDoc structures shall be stressed. Within CCF services even e-solution SW products, of own design or of Data Interchange, EDICOM or Seeburger nobel products, can be delivered in order to fully solve the customer's need. The DINET CZ Services offer newly the secure protocols OFTP2 and AS2 for the Automotive, also the working up of Call-offs, despatch advices and invoices by the Darwin 3 system. By both the DINET CZ and the CCF services the remote administration and supervision options of the customer's e-systems can be mentioned.




Teledin s. r. o.

V Parku 2294/2,
148 00 Praha 4

Tel. +420 261 009 068