EDI solution for small and enterprise Business

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Basic information on CCF Services Teledin

The Clearing centre CCF services represent a very cost effective EDI outsourcing, represents your gateway into the world of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). CCF offers trans­action, conversion and database services. The unique CCF technology performs the straightaway implementation of this e-business gateway into your ERP system. CCF offers several types of deployment – ASP (integration with ERP), EDI communication based on standards of EDIFACT, XML, IDoc, SMS, Helios, Web – interface with a messages generator. CCF is not only restricted to any special commodity. Currently, CCF offers services in retail, banking, logistics, automotive, etc.

CCF manages the conversion among different data formats (EDIFACT, XML, IDoc, SMS, customer defined inhouse, etc.). It is not necessary to invest money into your own EDI conversion system. CCF is operating a VAN system like and can keep a parallel connection with other network points. Thus, the client of CCF can obtain the added value by the simplification of the access point which is only that one. CCF will take over the responsibility of the messages delivery both on the appropriate quality level and in time. There is a very cost advantage of only one connecting point to the whole EDI communication for the customer.




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