EDI solution for small and enterprise Business

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The company TELEDIN is proud to offer Clearing Centre CCF services – Services CCF. Teledin has developed these services especially for the segment of automotive and retail. The CCF service is also connected with the DINET services in automotive and TELEDIN is proud to offer the DINET CZ service of Data Interchange Plc with its large EDI connectivity to the most important VANs.

CCF, a very cost effective EDI outsourcing, represents your gateway into the world of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). CCF offers trans¬action, conversion and database services. The unique CCF technology performs the straightaway implementation of this e-business gateway into your ERP system. CCF offers several types of deployment – ASP (integration with ERP), EDI communication based on standards of EDIFACT, XML, IDoc, SMS, Helios, Web – interface with a messages generator. CCF is not only restricted to any special commodity. Currently, CCF offers services in retail, banking, logistics, automotive, etc.

CCF represents an EAI (application integration) and BPI tool (integration and process management) for the internal applications and the external ones as well.

Service CCF structure:

CCF manages the conversion among different data formats (EDIFACT, XML, IDoc, SMS, customer defined inhouse, etc.). It is not necessary to invest money into your own EDI conversion system. CCF is operating a VAN system like and can keep a parallel connection with other network points. Thus, the client of CCF can obtain the added value by the simplification of the access point which is only that one. CCF will take over the responsibility of the messages delivery both on the appropriate quality level and in time.

Offered services:

  • Virtual Mailbox – a virtual space for CCF clients enabling the access to all of the services including conversion, archiving and notification.
  • AlertCCF – services for alerting or warning of all the pre-defined situations during the business exchanges. Alerts can be SMS or email routed.
  • MobilCCF – a receiving SMS performing service, their validation, conversion into the addressee's inhouse format and sending. The validation consists of checking of both the number of the sender and the PIN code.
  • WebCCF – Web interface of CCF services, the content browser of virtual mailbox, generation of new messages/answers, imports/exports from/to internal systems, setting up of CCF services, a backup system for VANCCF users.
  • EmailCCF – a client-to-CCF communication based on email protocols – POP/SMTP. CCF allows receiving of messages in an email, also sending them to email addresses. In addition, the email notifications option is also available.
  • VANCCF – the VAN operator main and basic function. VANCCF service consists of all classic services of VANs – transfer of a message into the recipient’s mailbox, even if in other VAN systems – EDIVAN or EDINET. VANCCF also offers the interconnectivity with foreign VAN systems as AT&T, IBM, GXS, etc. The clients can reach VANCCF through various channels: PSTN dial up, ISDN, FTP, FTPs, HTTP, HTTPs, OFTP, X.400 via TCP/IP or X.25, or VPN.
  • ForkCCF – ForkCCF – this service enables the simple sending of one message to more recipients. Each of them can communicate on different rules – i.e. the first one is an EDI mailbox partner, the second one an email partner, etc.
  • KonvertCCF – it represents outsourcing of the conversion services to CCF. The customer does not need any own EDI converter due to renting of such converting service in CCF.
  • CACCF – this is a service of a Certification Authority kind and security services. The CCF services will be extended by services of the encryption and the certification. These service validate the incorruptness of messages and the originator's authenticity. Service CACCF enables using of official security certificates or internally generated electronic keys for the secure communication between two business partners.
  • AktivVPNCCF – to delegate to CCF the responsibility of the message delivery up to the defined port of a client’s application, as well. There are the private com-channels with supervision used for this service. The customer is exempted the responsibility of monitoring and administrating any foreign application outside.
  • ebXMLCCF – this service enables an access to an ebXML system and a message transfer after the ebXML rules. CCF contains a virtual repository for message exchange rules creation.

What are the advantages brought by CCF ?

  • All of the e-commerce advantages
    Internet is the main communication channel, it is monitored, data can be encrypted and, if applicable, digitally signed. The clear advantages consist in that outsourcing and ASP realising (application service providing) in CCF. The classic VAN is advanced into a real Value Added Network which can by defined rules properly process the transported data.
  • Advantages for IT
    The client is obtaining such a service which can make him free of any implementation, technical requirements and EDI specialists. The client can only use the services and other processes which are under the care of CCF provider. The customisation based on the client’s demands makes CCF fully flexible. CCF profits by advantages of several communication interfaces, as of EDI, SMS, Web, up to the integration with the SAP systems, e.g.
  • Advantages for commerce
    Sales and logistics departments gain the tool for raising the effectiveness of their activities. The CCF service helps them to increase the administration quality by making it more precise and speedy. Information sharing among business partners will accelerate, as the product innovations and assortment changes, as well.
  • Financial advantages
    The most apart of CCF services are offered like outsourcing or ASP. It means that the investments into hardware and software as well as the professional staff’s training can be omitted. The operational cost represents only a cost item distributed in time according to the real utilisation of CCF services. The outsourcing and ASP conception brings savings not only within the implementation of e-commerce but mainly during the operation of it.
  • EDI-Roll-Out
    The CCF service provider offers next advanced service – the support of spreading of the partner’s e-community. It means that all of potential partners can be addressed individually, a direct oriented training, seminaries and marketing aiming to develop an e-community can be prepared, as well.
    CCF, thanks to the wide products scale and good pricing, brings a top accessible tool for anybody – a private person up to international corporations. The progressing EDI-Roll-Out and the CCF services will make possible to cross over the needed critical limit of communicating partners very quickly and stepwise to transform the business communication part from that classic one to the real e-business.



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