EDI solution for small and enterprise Business

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Recently a supplier issues invoices at 99 % by a computer. The work up by the recipient is again done by the same manner. Thus WHY send the invoices slowly per post in a PAPER FORM ?

The e-Invoicing service with the help of Clearing Centre CCF Teledin brings an outsourcing possibility to the invoicing process (as well as to other business processes, e.g. e-Ordering etc.) between an invoicing supplier of a supply chain and the supply chain via Internet or other data networks (GXS, IBM/AT&T, ISDN etc.).

Here are some general facts resulting from up-to-date valid Czech legislation (inclusive EU):

  1. An electronic invoice can be but need not be signed by an e-Signature.
  2. Electronic data does not represent an accounting or a tax document by itself; it does if the document authenticity (has it really be issued by its signee) and its integrity (has it been corrupted during the delivery) has been assured.
  3. How to assure the document authenticity and integrity shall by decided by the invoice recipient who should then accept that way of document exchange.
  4. There are more ways how to assure it, a file signed by an e-Signature or delivered by EDI represents the easiest way and created the opportunity of direct computerised processing of such documents without a loss of both the authenticity and the integrity features.


The e-Invoicing service with the help of Clearing Centre CCF Teledin can convert business documents between different data formats (EDIFACT, XML, SAP IDoc, LCS Helios inhouse, and also inhouse structures of further ERP systems). This makes possible to maintain an electronic communication with various partners who have different communication systems. CCF represents a VAN provider with the advantage of the only one connecting point for communication with all business partners by using the electronic documents exchange with the only one data structure - own to the used ERP system.

OFFERED CCF SERVICES – assuring of :

  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Archiving
  • Convertibility into readable form
  • Delivery (communication)
  • Conversion

The e-Invoicing service with the help of Clearing Centre CCF Teledin can assure all of these supplier needs by a portfolio of supporting services, esp. by Virtual Mailbox, VANCCF, KonvertCCF, CACCF.


The CCF e-Invoicing service represents an EDI outsourcing. It brings the advantages of e-commerce, Internet, encryption and e-Signature features and/or EDI. It is based on a service without any implementation, HW, SW, teams, and, of course, also any worries. The customer obtains a simple efficiency-upgrading tool. The special HW and SW investments fall away as the service represents a clear cost item. The costly special EDI IT staff is also not necessary. The electronic invoice will be delivered to its recipient instantly.




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