EDI solution for small and enterprise Business

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How with OFTP2

The TELEDIN company offers two basic possibilities of how to communicate with the new secure protocol OFTP 2 via the Internet medium.

1. EDI*AUTO DI represents a powerfull solution for automatic EDI operation with a lot of different partners using OFTP, OFTP 2 and AS2 protocols on the X.25, ISDN and Internet VANs.

2. Former OFTP2 Express solution is the producer replacing by the product ODEX Enterprise in version Single Trading Partner Edition which can be used as an cheaper solution for the communication with Ĺ koda Auto, esp. with exchange of large CAD files, by using of OFTP2 protocol on Internet. This solution is practically same as EDI*AUTO DI but is restricted on communication with only one partner.



Functional features of the product

ODEX Enterprise is a communications and workflow business integration server. It allows companies to communicate and manage exchange of business documents within a single environment.

ODEX Enterprise incorporates a communications component for exchanging files with your trading partners, a back office component for integration with your internal systems, and an optional mapping component which maps files from your trading partners format to your internal system file formats.

ODEX Enterprise is fully scalable and caters for all requirements, allowing its operation as a corporate B2B hub or a simple end user gateway, whilst remaining intuitive and easy to use.

It can be easily added by the converter XE/XLate.





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