EDI solution for small and enterprise Business

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WebEDI logistics service

for Automotive Suppliers

The proposed Web to EDI solution offers the possibility of a clearing centre utilisation. The clearing centre communicates by the ODETTE standards on OFTP protocol with the great producers and allows thin suppliers the internet communication. Thus they need not equip themselves with an EDI server.

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Topology of the WebEDI system

Why Teledin and not the carmaker directly ?

  • There is a logical idea to exploit the WebEDI Clearing system in the next step for connecting of 2. and 3. level suppliers to the 1. level suppliers
  • Teledin represents an approved EDI solution partner of Skoda/VW and other European carmakers
  • Teledin represents the proof EDI solution supplier mainly to JIT suppliers
  • Teledin disposes by the Clearing Centre technology
  • The carmaker's investment into the CC will be saved
  • Cost savings will occur at both the carmaker and its suppliers
  • Also additional cost savings will occur – invoicing, packages, containers, ...

The message exchange scenario

The basic information flow - the call offs

The basic information flow - the despatch advices


Input mask

Sorted list of delivery schedules

Delivery schedule

Delivery schedule - Additional information

Sorted list of despatch advices

Despatch advice - Header

Despatch advice - Included items


Technically we prefer now

  • SSID=SFID=Clearing Centre ODETTE ID
  • UNB S003/0010 (Interchange Recipient)=Either internal supplier code or ODETTE ID
  • Constant VFN for the message and partner
  • One ODETTE password for all messages

Other kinds of configurations are subject to the individual agreements.




Teledin s. r. o.

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